Moving in as a big fish into a smaller pond and what it entails

Change isn’t a bed of roses for those who have moved from large corporates (read swanky offices, large support system, set policies, good travel & hotels) to a smaller firm that is promoter driven. Right from the type of offices that we get to booking our own hotels & tickets to taking an Uber. And lots of times there is no rulebook for such things that were taken for granted earlier. The scope of the job gets redefined from time to time.

In such organisations, priority could be about more execution than strategy which is best left to Promoters. Certain parts of the job or relationships could be fragile and it would be in one’s interest not to tread on those right away. There will be resource constraints of every kind and one has to find ways to work around those. It has got to be more of a problem-solving mind set. If it’s always about increasing budgets or headcount then we will be off the radar sooner than later.

Better to recalibrate our expectations. If one isn’t comfortable with ambiguity, frenetic pace, high energy, unstructured environments then one shouldn’t make this shift. Some of us are at home in steady state organs (predictable to a large degree, no major air pockets) and some are not. It’s for us, to choose.

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