Indecision when it comes to a job change

Have come across quite a few senior professionals who otherwise have a good track record unable to take calls when it comes to a job change. They start to think after having gone through the process and in some cases even after having signed on the dotted line. We all would agree that there is an element of risk for both the employer and the employee, more so for the latter. We arrive at a decision based on our risk appetite, the role, how does it fit into our professional, personal priorities and the info that we have gathered about the organisation, its culture etc. But for some, it doesn’t seem to end there. They seem to keep thinking, dissecting, reviewing and putting themselves under a lot of stress. And in the process, other stakeholders too. And here we aren’t talking counter-offers.

Why do “managers” vacillate when it comes to this while they take business calls day in and day out? Keep wondering at times, if this is a reflection of one’s decision making ability in the professional arena as well? Or is it because that it falls in our personal realm, we follow a different process? Do these intersect or don’t they? Does our basic way of thinking, evaluating and decision-making vary so vastly between these two spheres? Would be curious to know.

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